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US Walnut Wood Cutting Boards

US Walnut Wood Cutting Boards

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NovoBam welcomes green and eco friendly products. We must protect the environment and keep it green. By using Bamboo and other wood made products we can help protect our world. Choose from our natural cutting boards, hampers, charcuterie boards laundry basket and more. acacia bamboo walnut products. black friday sale. Christmas Gift !gift to go, gift for her. father's day gift. mother's day gift always free shipping with NovoBam

U.S. Walnut Wood Handmade

Cutting Boards




walnut cutting board

Good kitchen tools are as important as any tool anywhere else. When you make the preparations for cooking or need suitable tools for cutting and serving food, it is important that you have the most appropriate and high-quality kitchen tools.

A quality cutting board, made of American Black Walnut wood, in various sizes, ecological and beautiful is one of the products that you must have on hand.



U.S. American Black Walnut, Beautiful Color And Grain – wooden cutting boards sustainably sourced from the highest-grade (FAS) premium selection, coming in its unique and natural color and grain. Pro chefs prize walnut for its durability, stability and beauty, better than plastic or glass for preparing or serving fruit, vegetables, meat or bread.


Seasoned, Thick, Handcrafted, Bonus Non-Slip Mats – extra thickness provides perfect stability. Edge grain expert handcraft for top durability and resistance to stains. Carefully seasoned and finished with organic food-grade cutting board oil. Run your hand over it and you will feel the pleasing touch! With bonus many non-slip mats, cutting boards can be fixed on the kitchen counter to avoid slipping shaking andnoise. These mats can also be stacked for adjusting the height.

walnut cutting boards



Chop-N-Slice, Reversible, Juice Groove, Handle Grips – featured with wide and easy-to-clean juice groove to catch excess liquid during food prep. This board is perfect for carving grilled brisket, beef, pork, or ribs at barbecues, or as a cheese board and charcuterie board. The built-in inner handle grips make it easy to grab and carry.

walnut cutting boards


Knife Friendly, Durable – this all-natural board has perfect solidity and softness to prevent from blunting your knives. As with all wood cutting boards, it may show some knife marks, but when cared properly (instructions in the box) it will preserve the rich color and be one the most lasting items in your kitchen.

walnut cutting board walnut cutting board

Perfect Gift – classic gifts for Housewarming, Weddings, Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s and Father's Day, or any other family holidays and special occasions. Buy with confidence and enjoy the touchable and lasting greatness!

walnut cutting board
Walnut Wood Cutting Board, Reversible with Handles and Juice Groove, Extra Thick Butcher Block Chopping Board, Different Sizes (12x8x0.8 17x11x0.9 18x12x1 20x15x1 24x18x0.8 inch).


walnut cutting boards


Reversible & Versatile

The wide and deep juice groove is easy to clean, and can catch excess liquid to keep your counter more tidy. The built-in handles are more convenient for carrying. We are committed to providing the most reliable and safe cutting boards for you.

walnut cutting board


Safe & Easy Care

Natural solid wood friendly to your knives. We recommend regular seasoning (instructions included in the box) to keep the cutting board like-new. To avoid warping please keep it dry and away from extreme temperatures. We hope this cutting board will accompany you for lasting years.

walnut cutting board



100% Natural Solid Wood

Sustainably sourced natural solid wood, premium-quality materials. Each board is sanded and polished by our expert craftsman, all handmade to smooth surface. We have pre-seasoned it with cutting board oil and beeswax, so that you can use it right out of the box.

walnut cutting board


At NovoBam, we believe beautiful and reliable cutting boards are indispensable sources to happiness and creativity. It is our mission to bring that to YOU and YOUR FAMILY. We relentlessly strive for touchable and lasting greatness in our all-natural premium hardwood cutting boards - each of our cutting boards is blessed with modern design, expert craftsmanship and top-grade materials.


walnut cutting board


Here are some Q&A which may help you decide:::

Does it smell?

No, it doesn’t smell at all. It is also pre-seasoned and ready to use after unboxing.  The walnut board remains beautiful even with daily use.


Is it sturdy? 

Yes, it is very sturdy. And it is a beautiful piece of wood.You just need to take care of it by using cutting boards oil.


Does this cutting board contain any form or formaldehyde?

The board is made of 100% natural food safety hardwood. All we use including glue, seasoning oil and beeswax are 100% food-grade and 100% non-toxic (no formaldehyde of any form, etc). You can buy with full confidence!

Is this a single piece of wood? And is it dish washer safe?

This board is made with professional edge-grain construction which is more durable and stable than single piece of wood for long-time use. As all real wood products, it should not be submerged in water so please do not put it in dish washer. It is very easy to clean by wiping the surface with sponge or cloth (more details in the manual included in the box).


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