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1 Gallon Of Food Grade Safe Mineral Oil, (128oz)

1 Gallon Of Food Grade Safe Mineral Oil, (128oz)

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Food grade safe mineral oil for cutting boards novobam

Looking where to buy mineral oil ? You just arrived the right place.

Food Safe Mineral Oil is an essential tool for maintaining the longevity and beauty of your cutting boards, and now it's available in a convenient one-gallon size. This food-grade mineral oil serves as a protective barrier, preventing the wood from drying out and cracking. Regular application not only enhances the natural luster of your cutting board but also helps resist water and other potential damages. Ideal for use in home kitchens, restaurants, or any culinary setting, this one-gallon mineral oil ensures you have an ample supply for consistent care. Invest in the preservation of your cutting boards with this generous quantity, promoting both functionality and aesthetics in your kitchen.

FOOD GRADE & MADE IN THE USA: Our food safe mineral oil is food grade and great for use as a food safe lubricant for an industrial slicer, knife, blade, tool, and machine.

Proudly made in the USA!

cutting board oil

RESTORE WOODEN CUTTING BOARDS: Treat and protect wooden butcher blocks, cutting boards, bamboo and more with our chopping block oil.

STAINLESS STEEL: Protect and polish stainless steel surfaces.

cutting board oil

UNSCENTED: UltraPro food grade mineral oil is unscented, and NSF approved.

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Best seller mineral oil for cutting boards. Mineral oil for chopping boards 

cutting board oil

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