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XXXLarge Cotton Rope Laundry Basket Hamper Black & Grey

XXXLarge Cotton Rope Laundry Basket Hamper Black & Grey

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cotton laundry basket novobam hamper

Embrace Laundry Time with Elegance: Introducing our XXXLarge Woven Cotton Rope Laundry Basket 

cotton laundry hampse novobam

Pure Comfort: Our Laundry Hampers, Crafted from 100% Soft Cotton Thread Rope – Chemical-Free and Safe for Your Intimate Clothing

cotton laundry hampse novobam

XXX Large size: 21.7" x 21.7" x 13.8", which perfect for throw pillows, blankets, Comforter or Cushions

XXXLarge Cotton Rope Laundry Basket Hamper This Extra Extra Extra large cotton storage container can hold toys, games, art/craft supplies, clothes and more. Keep in the kids room, family room, or any room in the house that could use extra storage: fits on a closet shelf, bookshelf or desk. Jute mix hamper

Unleash Versatility: Our Extra Extra Extra Large Cotton Storage Container – Perfect for Toys, Games, Art/Craft Supplies, Clothes, and More. Ideal for Kids' Rooms, Family Rooms, or Any Space in Need of Extra Storage. Fits seamlessly on Closet Shelves, Bookshelves, or Desks.

cotton laundry hampse novobam

Durable Design, Convenient Handling: Our Foldable Cotton Storage Baskets Feature Durability Handles for Easy Mobility. Enjoy the Freedom to Move and Store Effortlessly. Receive Free, Practical, and Awesome Large Storage Baskets – Soft Yet Sturdy, Standing Tall on Their Own.

cotton laundry hampse novobam

Featuring a neutral color palette, soft material, and versatile design, this item serves multiple purposes and can also serve as a distinctive addition to your home decor.

Important Note: The basket is delivered in a folded state, but it will effortlessly regain its optimal shape when filled with towels or blankets. Quickly eliminate any creases by ironing.

Washable: For best results, it is recommended to machine wash. Place the basket in a laundry bag when using the washing machine.

cotton laundry hampse novobam

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