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Expandable Acacia Cheese Board Serving Platter

Expandable Acacia Cheese Board Serving Platter

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 Expandable Acacia Cheese Board Serving Platter

Yes!! This One is Unique!

Expandable Two Floors Charcuterie Board!

Beautiful Gift Package!

Celebrate with this special Acacia cheese board.

Expandable Acacia Cheese Board Serving Platter

New generation of food-serving platters.

Featuring an exceptionally ergonomic design, this item conceals a delightful surprise within, enhancing your table-serving experience.

Whether you're hosting a barbecue, celebrating a birthday, or enjoying a Friday evening with friends, a cheese board adorned with delectable snacks is sure to be the perfect finishing touch.

2 x 12 x 12 inches Made of premium-grade Acacia wood, it’s highly durable, dense, and has a rich, deep color.

Multifunctional Serving Board for CheeseBoard:

This modern serving tray has many different uses. You can use it as a cutting board, to cut bread and prepare the ingredients of a meal. You can also use the board as a  charcuterie platter, loaded with crackers, nuts, bread, fruit, meat, pepperoni, brie, and more delicious finger food.


Expandable Acacia Cheese Board Serving Platter

Two-Layer Level Design:

How more ergonomic could it be? This two-layer level serving board was crafted to fill in ALL your favorite food, which is super comfy by the way!

2 removable ceramic bowls

These two ceramic multi-functional bowls create so much additional space for your snacks! They allow you to double your serving and hence, extend the party.

chees board set

2 big compartments

It features 2 really big spaces for your favorite tit bits. You can put there sliced bread, crackers, crisps, nuts, or any other food you love! Thanks to its large area, nothing will fall down on the flew

cheese board set

Cheese knives set

Crafted from durable, heavy-duty wood, our cheese knives effortlessly cut through hard, soft, and semi-hard cheeses, maintaining their original shapes. These knives offer easy storage and cleaning for added convenience.

Expandable Acacia Cheese Board Serving Platter


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Expandable Acacia Cheese Board Serving Platter

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