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Cutting Boards Food Grade Mineral Oil

Cutting Boards Food Grade Mineral Oil

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 mineral oil for cutting boards

Renew you Cutting Board!!

Explore Culinary Excellence: Find the Best Food Grade Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards. Elevate your kitchen experience with our curated selection, ensuring the longevity and optimal care of your cutting boards. Discover the key to maintaining a pristine and hygienic culinary workspace.

Food Grade Mineral Oil to Protect and Restore Cutting Boards, Butcher Blocks and Countertops (17oz). High quality oil for butcher block. A great food safe oil for cutting boards.

PROTECT & RESTORE: For cutting boards and butcher blocks, this food-grade mineral oil is safe to use on all wooden items, and contains PURE USP mineral oil for safe food contact. 

cutting board oil

INSTRUCTIONS : Ensure the surface is clean and dry before application. Apply the oil generously and evenly over the wood using a clean soft cloth or paper towel. Make sure all sides of the board or block are covered and leave any excess to soak into the surface. Leave the oil to soak in for at least 4 hours, but for 24 hours if possible

cutting board oil

Just take a look at your cutting board after using our Food Grade Mineral Oil:

Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards

If you ever asked your self where to buy mineral oil, if you are looking for food safe mineral oil for cutting boards, or you are looking for mineral oil 1 gallon,

We are for you! 

Order Now and make your cutting board look as a new one!!

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