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Butcher Block Oil & Wood Finishing Wax

Butcher Block Oil & Wood Finishing Wax

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butcher block oil and wood finishing wax

Well, It's time to give your cutting board, wood furnitures, wood countertop refresh look!!

Introducing our cutting board care bundle: a powerful duo of cutting board oil and butcher wax. This dynamic combination nourishes and protects your wooden cutting boards, ensuring they stay beautiful and durable for years. Upgrade your kitchen essentials with our convenient bundle for long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

Butcher Block Conditioning Oil & Wood Finishing Wax

(8oz Oil & 100g Wax)

100% PLANT BASED CUTTING BOARD OIL : Does not contain petroleum chemicals. Made with FOOD GRADE coconut oil and enhanced with natural essential oils. Made exclusively from coconuts and does not go rancid. 

butcher block oil and wood finishing wax

HYDRATES & CONDITIONS: Designed to penetrate deep into the fibers of the wood to hydrate & conditions. Prolongs the life of wood & bamboo kitchenware by preventing cracking due to water damage or over drying.

butcher block oil and wood finishing wax

WILL NOT GO RANCID: Unlike common kitchen oils like flax, canola, olive & linseed, our products are made through a solventless refinement process which removes the long chain fatty acids, resulting in a product that will not go rancid or smell bad.

butcher block oil and wood finishing wax

MAKES CLEANING EASY: Made with a proprietary blend of light essential oils that help to naturally eliminate odors, while not transferring onto food. Prevents food from drying and getting stuck on the wood & makes cleaning easier.

Give your wood items a great gift!!

Order now and renew your cutting board.

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