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28-Piece Outdoor Large Domino Set

28-Piece Outdoor Large Domino Set

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domino wood game



Ultimate Outdoor Party Game?

domino wood game

Take your favorite classic domino games outdoors for even more fun.

This large-format Wooden Lawn Domino Set includes 28 pieces each measuring 3.5” x 7” x .5”.

The set is best used outside at parties, tailgates, camping, and more. Each domino feature varnish-finished and color-coded pips.

When finished playing, conveniently store and transport set in Oxford cloth storage carry bag.

Set up and play on any surface with the Wooden Lawn Domino Set.


28 PIECE SET - 28-piece wooden domino set with each domino measuring 3.5" x 7" x .5"

 COLOR CODED - Dominoes feature varnish finished and color-coded pipsdomino wood game

Level Up Your Outdoor Gatherings with a 28-Piece Large Domino Set! Perfect for fun-filled moments in the sun, this set promises hours of entertainment. Crafted for durability and easy play, elevate your outdoor experience with this classic game of strategy and skill.

Great Christmas Gift, Holiday Gift, Birthday Gift.

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