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17"x11" Wood Charcuterie Board Serving Tray

17"x11" Wood Charcuterie Board Serving Tray

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 17"x11" Wood Charcuterie Board Serving Tray

 acacia serving board charcuterie board cutting board

cutting board


Now you can serve with style !

With our Acacia wood charcuterie board, the cheese you will serve will look and taste better !




BIG SIZE:  17inch long and 11inch wide. Whether you use it as a cutting board or a serving tray, it's big enough for you.

cutting board


With the handle, it's convenient for you to transfer from kitchen to dinning room when you make a gathering. Through the hole, you can hang your board easily on the wall of the kitchen after using it and save space of countertop.

cutting board


Reversible design allows you to use either side for cutting or serving. This is a board that can be used both as a cutting board and as a cheese board.

cutting board


Our cutting board is made of natural acacia wood, because of the uniqueness of the wood, it appears unique original color and grain.

It's beautiful and will make a great addition to your kitchen. Besides, it's great for a gift.


Perfectly suitable for party, gathering, Prepare a charcuterie board with cheese, meat, crackers, bread, fresh fruits, and wine and entertain with your friends.

cutting board


So, order now two or three of our beautiful Acacia Charcuterie Board.

It's a great holiday gift for your friends and family.

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