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Bamboo; A Sustainable and Organic Resource

You probably have been hearing about how Bamboo has replaced other materials in many instances, well, sit back and enjoy! Bamboo is a very versatile natural product that is fast-growing and highly renewable. There are over a thousand species of Bamboo, and they are relatively easy to grow. When cut, Bamboo grows back quickly, making it one of the world's most abundant resources. Bamboo is very versatile and is usually used for furniture, clothes, food, construction, medicine, accessories, paper, fuel, etc. Bamboo grows in temperate and tropical regions and does not need special care- irrigation, application of pesticides, and herbicides to grow.

Bamboo is natural and eco-friendly resource, Bamboo is also beautiful

Bamboo as furniture

Asides being a natural and eco-friendly resource, Bamboo is also beautiful, making it a perfect fit for the furniture. Recently, Bamboo is being recycled and used in offices, homes, restaurants, parks, etc. as furniture. Bamboo makes beautiful pieces of furniture affordable, bringing nature, comfort, elegance, and style to fit your space. Bamboos can be crafted into beautiful furniture pieces; chair, benches, laundry baskets, etc. These are furniture pieces that keep the earth green, safe, and stable. Bamboo is also used as kitchen utensils; cutting board, chopping boards etc.

Below are some reasons why Bamboo is being used widely around the world:

Bamboo is nature's most sustainable resource

When you talk of sustainability, talk of Bamboo. Bamboo remains one of the most sustainable resources with which human beings are blessed. Unlike many other commercial trees, Bamboo does not need replanting. When bamboo stalks are cut, they grow under five years, which is not common in other commercial trees that grow within 25 years to 70 years. Although not a wood, but a grass, the growth rate of Bamboo is highly impressive. Other commercial trees don't come close at all. Bamboo grows about 4ft daily, making it the fastest-growing plant in the world.

Bamboo is eco-friendly

Bamboo is perfect for the environment and keeps everything therein safe and healthy. Growing Bamboo will reduce deforestation and reduces the rate at which the ozone layer depletes. It serves as a significant element in the balance of atmospheric Oxygen and Carbon. Bamboo eliminates carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and generates an unmatched 30% more oxygen than other trees. Growing Bamboo can help us battle against global warming.

Bamboo is organic

Unlike other plants, Bamboo does not require herbicides and pesticides to grow. It does not require irrigation and mainly depends on natural rainwater to grow. It grows naturally, making it safe and organic in the environment.

Also, Bamboo is relatively affordable. It is cost-efficient, and one gets value for their money. Bamboo plays a vital role in stabilizing the earth. The roots of bamboo trees help prevent erosion and improve soil quality by removing nitrogen from the ground. As a result of its high nitrogen conservation, it helps reduce water pollution and prevents overrunning of riverbanks.

One of the best things you could do for your environment is to keep it green, safe, and natural. You can start that by shopping bamboo cutting boards,  bamboo benches, laundry baskets from us. We are keen on helping you, "Keep it Green."

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