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Oval Acacia Serving Platter Set

Oval Acacia Serving Platter Set

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Round Acacia Serving Platter Set - NovoBam

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Unique Oval Acacia Serving Platter

Cheeseboard that will definitely serve you for ages. You can use it as halloween snack board , as turkey cheese board or as a beautiful serving board or cutlery board.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN:  An oval Acacia board including 3 white ceramic bowls that can be used inside the board OR separately, therefore, creating 3 additional compartments for your favorite snacks!

Product Dimensions: 14"L x 2"W x 13"Th

Round Acacia Serving Platter

Add your choice of olives, fruit, nuts, or other snacks that will make your table even more delicious! Moreover, it features a rotating design to simplify the process of snatching your next desired treat and still keep your sleeves clean. Amazing!

Round Acacia Serving Platter

HIDDEN CUTLERY - What can be better than premium stainless steel cutlery set hidden under a rotating part of the board? They are all presented in a safe and stylish storage system for easy cleanup and convenience. They are always at hand when you need them the most.

Spacious Rotating Plate:

It features a spacious rotating place for your favorite tit-bits. You can put there sliced bread, crackers, crisps, nuts, or any other food you love! Plus, it’s big enough to cut cheese right on it.

round Acacia Serving Platter Set

Enhance Your Culinary Experience with an Acacia Serving Platter Set and 8-Piece Utensil Collection!

Discover the art of effortlessly slicing through the finest cheeses and delicacies with our set of three impeccably sharp stainless knives. From soft cheeses to bite-sized treats, this collection ensures every slice is perfect. Because, let's face it, you can never have too many flawless knives in your culinary arsenal.

Complete your entertaining essentials with our luxurious Acacia Serving Platter Set. Whether it's cheese, charcuterie, or any delectable spread, these sets are the perfect companions for your next gathering

Pack with velvet bag

This elegant cheese and meat board are safeguarded within a velvet bag, shielding it from dust. The premium and luxurious packaging design further enhances its appeal, making it an impeccable choice for a thoughtful and perfect gift.

UNIQUE GIFT IDEA: Looking for an original gift for a friend, relative, co-worker, or for another occasion? This cheese serving platter is a thoughtful and unique gift idea that will definitely impress anyone! It makes a gorgeous centerpiece on any table and people can use it over and over again.

round Acacia Serving Platter Set

LUXURIOUS PACKAGING DESIGN - To make your set looking gorgeous, we included a complimentary velvet care bag to keep it dust- and scratch-free for a long time to come. Get ready to be amazed by its great packaging design. We promise you’ll love it!

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