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26 Gal (100L) Divided Bamboo Laundry Hamper

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26 Gal (100L) Dividede Bamboo Laundry Hamper

Divided bamboo laundry basket hamper


Have a Hamper Close By: Laundry is a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. When that somebody is you, you’d probably prefer not spending an hour taking trips around the house collecting the clothes scattered everywhere on laundry day. Hide the things from plain sight using random spare minutes of your daily routine with our laundry hamper nearby—whether you need a drop spot for dirty socks or you’re carrying a load of laundry to the washing machine. Plus, the wave-like pattern is charming enough that you won’t want to hide it away in a closet!

Divided bamboo laundry basket hamper

Handles Heavy Weight: Toss your laundry in the 2 compartments and keep lights from darks, the bamboo hamper is supported by a plywood board at the bottom to hold a full week’s worth of laundry, up to 55 lb. Feel free to carry large loads of soiled linens and worn pieces around without feeling like it’s going to break on you!

Divided bamboo laundry basket hamper


CONQUER THE LAUNDRY: Has the overflow of laundry found its way into the middle of the room? This 2-section laundry hamper is just the ticket for this never-ending problem, while also bringing a natural atmosphere your family will enjoy with its the wave-like pattern

Divided bamboo laundry basket hamper
SORT AND ORGANIZE: Sort out the laundry into the 2 sections—darks and lights; you only need to take a minute to throw them in the basket at night, versus hours each weekend to dig through and sort everything that piles up

Item Dimensions: 20.5*12.6*23.8 inches L*W*H
TWO WAYS, YOU CHOOSE: When you’re ready to wash your clothes, simply take off the clipped-on lid and lift the removable liner to the washing machine or carry the whole hamper with the side handles; either way is so simple!

Divided bamboo laundry basket hamper

STABILITY OVER ALL: Made from natural, renewable bamboo with a supporting metal ring and reinforced plywood bottom board, the hamper boasts superior strength and stability to keep its shape and hold up to 55 lb—so relax, the laundry can wait!

Divided bamboo laundry basket hamper

Order Now and enjoy a tidy laundry room and a high quality laundry basket!